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Lorvin possesses the Business Process Management experience and expertise to deliver fast and measurable results for organizations looking to optimize a BPM solution.

Being a leading Business Process Management company, Lorvin leverages the proven technology and domain expertise to deliver a comprehensive and integrated service portfolio. Our range of BPM solutions enables our clients to look forward to realizing their business aspirations and accomplish much more than the necessary cost savings related to the business process management.

Exceeding Your Expectations

Our solutions are designed to aid your business plans, making them transparent and deeper, to better optimize and better optimized customer interactions and experiences. Our range of services can make your organization and its brand, significant to your customer’s life. We take time to understand your goals, then leverage the right methodologies and tools to help meet them.

Learn More About Our BPM Services

At Lorvin, you get services that don’t just cut costs, they even boost your business value!!

  • Customer Management

Customer Management at Lorvin is driven by analytics, to unearth actionable insights that can boost revenue, minimize cost and provide the right customer experience. We strive to deliver world-class customer management solutions utilizing the latest technology and channels like mobile, web, social media, chat and email alongside traditional telephony solutions.

  • Medical Billing & Healthcare Claims Management

Our digital platforms not only cut down costs but boost efficiency, with faster and error-free processing of claims. Leveraging Robotic Process Automation, well-trained adjudicators and workflow solutions, we strive to reduce the turnaround time, boost accuracy and process quality, with minimal capital investment.

  • Back Office Support Services

Reinvent your business by merely outsourcing the time-consuming and complex process of management, reporting, and accounting to our back office experts. Our back office support services are designed to help you free your valuable resources and time to focus on the core activities of your organization in today’s competitive environment.

  • Call Center Services

We deliver full-service call center services customized to your unique requirements and target group. Being a leading BPM company, we offer call center services, from inbound, technical help desk services, customer support services to outbound lead generation, billing reminder, collections, telemarketing, etc. We leverage the latest call center technology that help companies deliver a seamless customer experience and communications across all channels.

  • Technical Support Services

Lorvin’s technical support services can boost accessibility while simplifying the administration of your multi-vendor software and hardware environment. Enabling you can keep your resources and systems operating at best performance. From application support to product support to technical helpdesk abilities, you can rely on us.

Our Differences:

  • Best practices implementation
  • Collaborative, communicative and transparent approach
  • Competitive rates
  • Cost-effective and rapid delivery of BPM projects
  • Experience and technology expertise

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Do you need assistance with business process management? Our BPM services ensure that your firm is as effective and efficient as possible. Contact us now to start implementing enhancements and significant changes for your company.