Delivering scalable, sustainable and comprehensive IT solutions to the healthcare industry!!
Lorvin is a chosen reliable partner of several healthcare firms as we strive to enhance their technical structure to adapt and support constant change, deliver value-added solutions that help manage hospitals and clinics as enterprises.

Tailored Solutions

We believe that one size doesn’t fit at all. Particular Industries face particular challenges and the ever-changing healthcare industry definitely comes under this category. Between stringent HIPPA compliance regulations and the heavy charges imposed if you fail to fulfill them and struggling to pace up practice management, and managing records electronically, you certainly need a savvy partner who can take of your IT worries. Medical institutions and firms need to be focused totally on patient healthcare, without disruption of technology downtime and hiccups.

Meeting Your Needs

Our dedicated team of experts will evaluate your systems and deliver innovative IT consultancy solutions you need. You can expect a whole host of IT solutions, which include EMRs, medical transcription solutions, practice management, etc.,
We pride ourselves on a high degree of expertise in the healthcare industry, enabling us to address key challenges faced by the industry.

Why Outsource?

There is a lot of information related to ever-evolving Medicare insurance guidelines, healthcare reimbursement, and HIPPA regulations. With Lorvin as your leading IT solutions provider, we ease the expense and stress of keeping up with the software upgrades, education and reimbursement policy changes.
A growing number of professional medical groups and institutions are turning to outsourced medical transcription requirements to make sure that these critical processes are completed efficiently and professionally. We at Lorvin leverage the modern technologies and industry best practices – all handled by professional staff committed to delivering the top rated healthcare IT solutions.
Outsourcing your medical transcription needs will bring the following benefits:

  • Accomplish quick and accurate claims processing
  • Maintain greater control over operating costs and staffing
  • Responsive customer support

Outsourcing your healthcare’s secondary needs to us will help you accomplish more than just saving money and time. Our collaboration will enable you to focus on your medical practice and provided the best possible care to your patients.

Let’s Talk!!

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