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Lorvin’s IT consulting and staffing solutions deliver reliable services and experienced technical talent in a cost-effective, efficient and consistent manner.

IT Consulting: Solutions Tailored to You

  • Are you fed up with consultants who don’t meet your expectations?
  • Are you looking for IT consultants who are well qualified, carefully vetted and acquire the outlook to success in your organization’s environment?
  • Are you ready for leveraging the most affordable IT consulting solutions?

We’ll work closely with you to comprehend your business goals and ambitions, so we can provide you with a roadmap detailing how you can reach there.
We’ll customize the level and amount of consultancy to your unique requirements. Whether you’re an SME seeking initial consultation or an IT manager owning an in-house team, seeking further expertise or assistance at a tactical level, we would love to help you. Talk with one of our experienced consultants today, who possess a wealth of technical expertise.

IT Consulting: Our Key Areas of Expertise

  • Application Development Services: We strive to deliver a full spectrum of tailored solutions to optimize your complex, dynamic environment.
  • ERP: We utilize tools like SAP and Systeline ERP to implement new ERP solutions for better resource management.
  • Application Management Services: We deliver continuous support for your current ADM and modernize systems with automation and data collection.
  • Solutions Implementation & Support Services Our high experience in CRM and ERP systems enable us to deal with the administration of your current systems while implementing new digital solutions.

Addressing Talent Shortages

It’s a true fact: There are not enough highly talented technical professionals out there. Yes, there is no shortrage of demanding technical environments and projects that require the hands-on attention of professionals. Or particular IT challenges requiring a specialist.  And that certainly leaves you to look for the IT talent to accomplish your technology and business goals.
Fortunately, Lorvin delivers that kind of talent on-demand!!
With over 30 years of experience in the staffing industry, we have a strong talent management recuitemnet team who are able to determine and onboard superior talent quickly. We evade time-consuming hiring and training cycles to deliver talent ready to work from the get-go and quickly engaging new employees in your organization to boost productivity.

IT Staffing: Our Key Areas of Expertise

  • Agile Team: We utilize an iterative process with the right blend of digital skills to swiftly create, develop and test new products and ideas.
  • On-Demand Experts: We strive to deliver expert technicians to your doorstep, when and where you truly need them the most.
  • On-Site & Offshore Staffing: With employees in India and North America, our global workforce is always equipped with expertise for your worldwide success.
  • Careers of the Future: We’re always at the forefront of training and trends, ensuring you get the talent you truly desire to succeed in today’s digital epoch.

Are You Ready to Make a Difference?
Our motto is straightforward and client-focused. Our highly skilled experts deliver results that fulfill your growing requirements, often with the right to hold and hire.
Contact us today if you’re interested in our IT consulting and staffing solutions!!