Medical Transcription

We Strive for Speed and Accuracy!!

Healthcare organizations across the world turn to Lorvin for quality medical transcription solutions they can count on. We’ve collaborated with highly experienced medical transcriptionists who can deal with it all, from simple correspondence to complicated research studies.

Hospitals, clinics and physician practices of all sizes and types have come to trust us for our ability to deliver accurate and fast medical transcription services.

Your Reliable Outsourcing Partner

Medical transcriptionists are costly to employ and it can be challenging to meet your transcription requirements so that you don’t end up only paying transcription rates to filing a clerk or to employ contractors to come in daily at premium rates to handle the work. The best solution is to outsource your medical transcription requirements.
Lorvin strives to be a reliable partner of your outsourced medical transcription services that are HIPPA-compliant. When you consider us, we can fit into your requirements at any level you wish. We can deal with your entire transcription workload or service as an overflow service. We even understand that having your info updated quickly is important and we can ensure that turnaround time is always within your agreed schedule so you can offer the best care possible to your patients.
Our motto is to deliver top-notch medical transcription services to our clients.

Experience and Training

What makes us different from other medical transcription organizations is our policy of only utilizing medical transcriptionists that are well trained and possess experience. That’s imperative as the medical field has a very particular and technical approach to impact information and requires it to be properly followed and comprehensible to the people while reading.
We understand very well that each practice or physician may have their own requirements for how to format the transcription and where each element of the info in the transcription should be placed. We can quickly set up your desired format to meet your expectations.

Leveraging the Latest Technology

With time, Lorvin has learned to employ different platforms like FTP, voice recognition, EHR or EMR systems. We utilize the latest evolution of the medical transcription process – EMR documentation or EMR charting. ERM charting needs great transcription skills, but even greater EMR documentation skills utilizing numerous charting tools.
We at Lorvin have well-trained transcription staff in most of the prevalent EMRs!!

We’re an Affordable Outsourcing Partner

We have competitive rates to keep your expenses as low as possible while getting top-notch medical transcription services. We utilize the best transcriptionists and efficiency to deliver industry-leading services. When you outsource your needs to us, you can expect:

  • Industry competitive rates
  • No staffing problems
  • Only pay for completed work

Why Lorvin?

We’re committed to offering:

  • Quality, fast and accurate
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Personalized services
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Utilizing the latest tools and resources
  • 24/7 Support to address your problems

Have any doubt? Contact us today to learn more about our medical transcription services.